Terms of Service

Terms Of Servic


Our maintenance service includes pruning the trees six feet off of the ground. Fertilizing, thinning and trimming trees more than six feet off of the ground is extra; please call for a free estimate.


Our maintenance service includes trimming the bushes as needed. If you want all bushes trimmed every visit please call or email us. We are not responsible for any dead bushes.


Our maintenance service includes mowing and edging the grass on every visit. Re-seeding and fertilizing can be done at an additional fee.

Winter Grass

Winter grass is recommended to be seeded between mid-October to mid-November.


We are not responsible for checking your irrigation. If you need your irrigation checked please let us know and we can schedule that as well – there may be an additional fee. Leaks, valves and broken sprinklers can be replaced or repaired at an additional fee.


Our maintenance crews will rake gravel and dirt as needed.


All pets must be indoors and the gate to access the back yard must be unlocked on your service day. If we arrive to your property and cannot service the back yard due to a pet in the yard or a locked gate we will only maintain and charge for the front yard. Maintenance of the back yard will have to be rescheduled. Our crews are very careful about closing gates before they leave, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard therefore you agree to accept our service with this in mind. Catalina Lawn Care is not responsible for lost or injured pets.

Damage to Obstructions

We ask that things such as children’s toys, trampolines or any other items that may obstruct our work should be out of the way. If we have to move the items ourselves we are not responsible for any damage to said items.


Catalina Lawn Care is not responsible for the watering of your plants.


We do not operate on any major holidays.

Skipping Scheduled Maintenance

Clients may skip a scheduled visit but must reschedule the visit within 1 week of the scheduled visit so that your yard stays in the same maintained state. Anything longer than 1 week will need to receive a new quote.


Our weed killer spray contains a colored indicator dye that helps us to see where we are spraying. The dye should fade away within a few days on its own and can be easily washed off with water.

Pets and Herbicides

Catalina Lawn Care is not responsible for any harm to your pet. We use pet-safe weed killer. If your pet experiences any symptoms of sickness please consult your veterinarian. If you would not like your yard sprayed you must inform us ahead of time.


You may cancel your service with us anytime you wish, for any reason, without a cancellation fee. However, please note, if you do not cancel prior to the day of the service then we must charge a $20 inconvenience fee.


We always try to finish our routes, even on rainy days. If we are unable to complete your service due to a heavy rain all day, we will reschedule your service within the next 2 business days.


All invoices will be emailed to the email address we have for you on file. Catalina Lawn Care does not offer paper billing.


For your convenience payment for services can automatically be billed to a debit or credit card the day of your lawn care service. Those who prefer to pay by cash or check may do so at the time of service, however a credit card will be required at the time the service is scheduled. In the event that either cash or a check is not received at the time of service, the card on file will be charged for the completed service. Payments made by check to Catalina Lawn Care that are not honored by the bank will incur a return check fee of $30 dollars, which will be charged to the card on file.

Online Services

If you have any problems with our online services such as billing, invoices or updating your account information please send us an email at info@catalinalawncare.com

Declined Cards

In the event that a card is declined, we will try the card again the following day. If the card does not go through a second time, the next service will be put on hold until we are able to reach the client. Those who respond with another card before their next scheduled service will be put back on our schedule.


Due to our large service area and number of jobs we cannot guarantee times. However, if you call the day of your service we can give you an estimated time of arrival.


By default, our system will automatically give each customer a reminder phone call and text message. If you do not wish to receive these reminders please let us know.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Catalina Lawn Care guarantees our customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our service please contact us within 2 business days so we can fix the problem at no additional charge. If you do not contact us about the problem within 2 days we are no longer responsible for the problem.

Customer Service

Our customer service can be reached Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm at (480) 442-9341 or info@catalinalawncare.com

Credit Card On File

We do require that we have a credit card on file for every customer.